7/23/14        331 Club.                    Opening for Ian Thomas Alexy and the Deserters

12/10/14      331 Club.                    With Timbre Ghost

1/11/15        7th St. Entry                With Vonnie Kyle and Iguano

2/12/15        Hexagon Bar.              With Queen of France, the Persian Leaps and Lovely Dark

4/1/15          Nomad World Pub       With Weights & Measures, Wild Age

5/13/15        Amsterdam Bar           With Bob Rue and the Thousandaires

8/7/15          331 Club                     E.P. release show with Rank Strangers and Malaparte

6/9/16          Hexagon Bar              With Rank Strangers and Ringout!

7/7/16          331 Club                      With Frankie Lee

9/8/16          Nomad World Pub    Sept. Minneseries I, with Buffalo Sleeper and Superhands

9/15/16        Nomad World Pub    Sept. Minneseries II, with Damn Wesley and Nethan

9/22/16        Nomad World Pub    Sept. Minneseries III, with Charlie Doesn’t Surf and Havana Sleeve

9/29/16        Nomad World Pub    Sept. Minneseries IV, with Porch Knights and Poosa

11/13/16     Reverie Mpls               With Fragile Canyons

1/27/17        331 Club                     With Whale House and Camp Dark